English II


English II
Chaparral High School
Mrs. Lewis
Welcome to English II!  Our journey this year will provide you with the opportunity to experience great works of literature and enhance your speaking, listening and writing skills.
The curriculum for this course is also designed with district standards and checkpoints in mind, and you are accountable for reaching those standards.
Please don’t think, however, that accountability means that you’re on your own.  I will do whatever it takes to make sure that you have the opportunity to meet those standards, including meet with you outside of class. My homeroom is in room 320U.  I can be reached through district e-mail at Alison.Lewis@dcsdk12.org. After school hours, you can call me at home at (303) 699-2014 or text me at (303) 641-0288.
Behavioral Expectations
Be Here: Come to class daily, on time, physically and mentally.
Be Nice: Respect your classmates, teacher, and the learning environment.
Be Responsible: Bring materials daily, complete assignments, behave ethically and honestly.
Please review the expectations and consequences in the student handbook.

Grading Criteria
The gradebook is divided into 5 sections: Daily Work, Tests/Quizzes, Vocabulary, Essays, and Focus/Etiquette. Semester work is 85% of your final grade.
Being absent from class can be a detriment to learning and can hurt your grade simply because there are many things that we do in class, such as class discussions, that cannot be made up.  I expect all students to be present for every class; however, I understand that sometimes that is not possible.  Therefore, if you must be absent, it is ENTIRELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get any work that you might have missed while you were gone.  Don’t hesitate to contact me after school hours if necessary. Call me, text me. Don’t let it go!
Be on time and ready to start when the bell rings.  We have a great deal to cover this year, and I want to give you the opportunity to study and enjoy as much of it as possible, so every minute is crucial.  I will adhere to Chaparral’s tardy policy, which can be found in your student handbook.
Because I value your presence in class, I don’t grant hall passes on non-block days. For block days, you will have a minimum number of hall passes. Please plan accordingly. Excessive requests to leave class will damage your focus grade.
Please make arrangements with me so that missing grades are not recorded as zeroes. Work assigned prior to you absence is due upon your return.
A five-section notebook is required for this class. The sections are Notes, Handouts, Daily Assignments, Tests/Quizzes, and Essays. I may collect the notebook at any time, so make sure you keep your notebook neat, complete, and organized. You will receive a grade for meeting this expectation.
Late Work
Please get all coursework in on time.  All students will be given ample time to complete major assignments before the due date.  For that reason, late work is accepted for partial credit. Just one low grade on a major assignment can kill your average, so please make good use of the time you are given and remember to bring those assignments on the assigned day!
Independent Reading
In order to become a more proficient writer, it is important to understand the importance of becoming a voracious reader.  This course, therefore, is designed around the principle that good readers will become better writers.  You will have the opportunity to read books of your choice for a grade in this class. The independent reading assignment continues throughout the year and you are expected to have your book with you every day. Take advantage of this: Choose a book you are interested in, something you always wanted to read but couldn’t find the time for, or judge a book by its cover; just choose one!
Cell Phones
Please leave it in your backpack or pocket. Use that distracts from the learning environment will damage your focus grade. Be responsible! Be polite!
Using another’s work as your own is plagiarism. Avoid ‘helping’ other students by letting them copy your work.  All major essays will be turned in to Turnitin.com.
Written Assignments
Major written assignments will be turned in online. If this presents a problem for  you, please see me well in advance of the deadline.
In addition to paper, pen, and pencil, you will need a three ring binder and an independent reading book.


Some of the books we will read this year are Catcher in the Rye, Great Gatsby, Speak, and Black Boy.